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Running an SME brings unique challenges. One day you’re on the brink of a big deal, the next you are fire-fighting a significant problem. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We are SME Specialists. Simple changes can save you from the pain of running a business and help you enjoy the reasons why you followed your dreams. We adopt a down-to-earth approach that works for your customers and you. We help you create the right organisation and processes, leaving bandwidth for learning and adaptation.

Our Clients buy from us tangible results, not timesheets.

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Our first consultation is completely FREE. We listen. If we cannot help, we say so clearly and respectfully. If there's the potential to make a difference to you, then we commit  entirely.

Set a clear direction for your business

Increase profitability & Manage Cash Flow

Reach new prospects and opportunities

Cost saving and optimisation

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Some Of Our Successes

What our clients are saying

Proving your market to outsiders can be extremely difficult if your idea is at the edge and at the crossroads of many innovative technologies: a definition of the market simply doesn’t exist. Eggcelerate showed an immediate understanding of what we were trying to achieve.

They went far from what you may expect from a standard market research and helped us articulate our story beyond the numbers of market size and growth. We also appreciated their efforts to share and educate about the business aspects of what we do with so much passion, with very practical strategic and planning recommendations.

Aste Amundsen | CAT

The main concern of a founder with a team, an MVP and funds from Angels and VCs is to make cash work the hardest, with not enough time, skills or people to do it.

Eggcelerate helped me achieve that and create a structure around my vision. Their approach to commercial planning is pragmatic and easy to implement: their plan included suggested actions with priorities, time, resources and budget allocation, thus translating strategy into result-oriented actions and making marketing strongly interlocked with sales and geared towards sales increase.

Damien Crowe | Obillex

flexible pricing

A Per-Day or
a Monthly Rate

Payments by Results,
Based on Agreed Outcomes

Variable, Commission
Based Fees

Mixed Cash/Equity

our process

We adopt a three-step approach to
help your company


We spend time with you to understand your business goals and challenges.

We know, nobody understands your business better than you do, so we listen, a lot, to help us to build a complete picture of your business landscape.

We'll ask key questions and explore various possibilities.Then afterwards, we'll be in touch with our assessment and recommendations.

Discover & Commit

If you want to proceed, one of our experts will come and work with you.

We will come and interview/survey your Team and understand your core processes.

We will prepare a brief with the result of our analysis and a proposal that will include an objective, an action plan, and our level of involvement.


We are happy to work with you for as long as you need us. It could be for a few days, weeks or months.

Our flexible pricing model reflects this and is designed to make enlisting our help as easy as possible. We'll put our agreed plans into action and make things happen.

At every stage, we'll be focused on outcomes: time, cost and results. We'll keep you closely involved at all times - without overwhelming you. When an assignment comes to fruition, we'll celebrate the success with you. We'll also think ahead to 'what happens next?' and present more ideas.